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Guinness 'Home Grown'

About this video

The hugely famous Irish brand is renowned for its spectacular commercials and this one does not disappoint.

As would be expected, the post production process was a complex one. First, the tree characters were designed by director Rory Kelleher, then a model created by the 3D team. Different Glassworks 3D artists took responsibility for each area, the body, head, arms and legs all dealt with separately. In the meantime live action back plates and 'earth ripping' plates were shot in Ireland.

Back at Glassworks, Vincent Thomas textured the 3D model, having sampled multiple tree and plant textures to ensure authenticity. Aside from the first, hand animated section, all character animation was created using motion capture data from actual rugby players. In addition, Glassworks made CG mist and multiple particle systems to emulate the swirling Guinness in its glass.


  • Director
    Rory Kelleher
  • Production Company
    Company Films
  • Producer
    Nick Fewtrell
  • Advertising Agency
    Irish International BBDO Agency
  • Creative Director
    Mal Stevenson
  • Agency Creatives
    Pat Hamill Mark Nutley
  • Agency Producer
    Noel Byrne
  • Offline Editor
    Kate Owen @ Marshall Street Editors

Glassworks team

  • 3D
    Alastair Hearsum
  • 3D
    Daniel Jahnel
  • 3D
    Vincent Thomas
  • 3D
    Jerome Dernoncourt
  • 3D
    Dan Hope
  • 3D
    Dan Yargici
  • 3D
    Sylvain Delaine
  • Flame
    Duncan Malcolm
  • Flame
    Glyn Tebbutt
  • Flint
    Lise Prud'Homme
  • Flint
    Stuart Wilson
  • TK Colourist
    Tareq Kubaisi
  • TK Colourist
    Vic Parker
  • Producer
    Misha Stanford-Harris
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