• 2D

    Glassworks compositors have a reputation for their dedication to deliver exceptional and creative work.

  • 3D

    Led by Alastair Hearsum, our 3D department utilises industry standard XSI and Maya software as well as a lot of proprietary custom software giving us an edge in the current market.

  • A series of Making-Of films from Glassworks projects. A fascinating insight into the post-production process.

  • In 2010 Glassworks established Wireworks - this new division is focusing on the ever-increasing digital demands now being asked of post production companies.

  • Glassworks Special Projects division, Xavi's Lab, was created to take on work that fell outside the normal remit of traditional post production and digital services. The common link between Glassworks usual services and Special Projects is the creation and manipulation of high quality content.