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Glassworks Amsterdam collaborating with PostPanic on Sci-Fi film

In a quiet corner of Glassworks Amsterdam’s 3D department a little bit of mystery is in creation. To be fair, taking a wander through our 3D department at any time is a voyage of discovery. But senior 3D artist Markus Lauterbach is hard at work on something a little bit different.

A while ago, production company PostPanic approached us about an “intelligent Sci-Fi” film they were working on. We’ve been long time fans of PostPanic’s work and Sundays, directed by Mischa Rozema, looked to be a visual treat. A visual treat which “promises to challenge the viewer with philosophical questions about the future of humanity”. Yes, we said.

Shot in Mexico City, the climax of the film is fully CG, and that is where Glassworks are helping out. Markus and his team are creating assets, environments, and animating the action for this sequence filled with futuristic vehicles, mech and strange landscapes. The project has even involved sneaking around in coalmines to collect the perfect reference material.

Markus says, “I have always been a fan of PostPanic's work and became very excited about the film when I saw Mischa’s concept art and designs. It’s great to be involved and experience the adaptation of workflow from commercials to film and I look forward to sharing out contribution with you later this year”.

You can have a sneak preview of Sundays here and we’ll bring you more when we’ve got it.

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