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Diamant 'Zacht & Krokant in de Diamant'

Diamant 'Schijfje'

  • Diamant
    'Zacht & Krokant in de Diamant'
  • Diamant

About this video

Glassworks Amsterdam have just finished full production and post on this lovely pair of commercials for Diamant cooking oil. Fitzroy advertising agency briefed our in-house director, Morten Vinther, and our animation director, Dan Hope, to create an eccentric and loveable pair of characters that could represent the opposing qualities of the product, and then to establish them within a typical modern Dutch family environment.

We initially created many alternate versions of these laid-back chums, until just two were taken into modelling, rigging, texturing and lighting to bring out not only their individual personalities, but also their specific textural qualities. With a tight deadline, we coordinated pre and post production to create an efficient full-service pipeline. Sound design, and the voice casting was arranged in collaboration with our good friends at Kaiser Sound Studios.

A thorough animatic was essential in guiding framing, camera angles, lighting, props, and talent direction in advance of the shoot.The empty plates for the principle cgi shots utilised our Spheron camera to record environmental lighting and reflection data, and scale maquettes were used on set as placeholders for our soft and crispy compadres.

The animation and rendering process was tight, but the advance planning provided a solid outline to follow, enabling Dan time to elaborate and explore comedic mannerisms and character traits. The oil itself was originally to be shot for real, but early liquid simulation testing at the animatic stage provided results strong enough to develop into final renders.

The resulting TVC, tagon, and accompanying print and online materials are a charming and characterful testament to close collaboration with the team at Fitzroy, and a small-team approach to the post, comprising only 3 senior artists.


  • Production Company
    Glassworks Amsterdam
  • Director
    Morten Vinther
  • Animation Director
    Dan Hope
  • Production Company Producer
    Jony Van Hees
  • Advertising Agency
  • ECD
    Jur Baart
  • Agency Creative
    Gert van der Kaay
  • Agency Creative
    Youri van Overdijk
  • Agency Producer
    Joris Knetsch
  • Editor
    Will Judge
  • Music
    Craig Brown @ The Sound Works
  • Sound
    Marco Baay @ Kaiser Sound Studios

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