Artworks Amsterdam presents Creations From The Cosmos

Spring has finally sprung and what better way to kick back than to reminisce about the 21st edition of Artworks Amsterdam.
The charity art auction and exhibition event helped raise money for Roparun, an organisation in aid to support people battling cancer and thanks to your donations we helped to raise €4000!  

All of which could not have been achieved without the 22 incredibly generous and talented artists:
A special round of applause goes to you all!!!

1.     Daan Botlek
2.     Yvy Bakker 
3.     Little Kid Trouble
4.     Tom Bird
5.     Dave Canning
6.     Niksone Nikita Rusin
7.     Sarahlee Madigan
8.     Dennis Swiatkowski & here 
9.     Tim Bolland
10.   Sivanski Shushan
11.   Tony Bartolucci
12.   Trobbies Bieshttps & here
13.   Melissa Fiorenza
14.   Bradley Fletcher & here
15.   Kim DemÃ¥ne
16.   Chrissie Houtkooper
17.   Alvaro Sotomayor & here
18.   Robbie Graham
19.   Wijnand Veneberg
20.   Cath Laporte
21.   Julia Gunther
22.   Nick Liefhebber

As some of you may know compared to our previous collaborations, this ARTWORKS event was presented with a different solar spin.

Although, art work was sold and removed on the night, all the artists’ involved were given the opportunity to exhibit an additional art piece(s) on our walls until the 17th of May.
Check out @artwork_insta for the exhibiting artist work. Still in with a chance to get your hands on an exclusive piece!
Very importantly we would like to say a special thank you to Glassworks Amsterdam for the motivation and support of ARTWORKS over the past 7 years. It has truly has been amazing to co-host in this spacious monumental building and to work with the GW family in all three offices.
Congratulations to Davide and her team for creating awareness and making it a great success. My warmest thank you for allowing ARTWORKS to be a part of your second fundraising project.
The evening was powered up by EAVr, with Amp.Amsterdam hottest music talents WLRD, Sjef Rolet and BoeBoe in town to perform live sets during the competitive rounds of the auction up on the first floor.

Our delicious sweet and savoury treats were donated by Poptasi yummy macaroons, light airy fairy mini cupcakes from Van Ness and the young to mature selection of cheeses and cold meats brought by Kaaskramer. And to wash down, loosen up Duvel, Vedett and our very loyal Jameson made sure we were not running on empty.
We are honestly overwhelmed by the interest and lovely feedback, truly feeling the love!!
Hope you all had a wonderful time.
Please feel free to tag and share friends in the photos by Aimee Harries here.
Lots of love,