New Work

Patek Philippe: Numeral

Numeral is the first in a series of five Patek Philippe films we have produced. This macro-world film was meticulously directed by Raphael Vangelis for Leagas Delaney and Patek Philippe. The film was crafted to follow President of Patek Philippe, Thierry Stern’s true story of how these minute indexes on this particular timepiece took years to come to fruition in the watch production process. We delve into a capacious macro environment and observe the numerals settling into their place on the watch face. The beauty of the expertly conceived CGI animation throughout the film showcases the intricacy and sheer quality of this Patek Philippe product.

Patek Philippe: Heart

The second film in a series of five for Leagas Delaney and Patek Philippe sees Raphael Vangelis direct a carefully choreographed romance of pages. The metaphor driving this film is that Patek Philippe have no rulebook; They produce each watch in its own right, with the freedom to take their time, exploring the design of the piece and its functions. This leads their team to design their products with their heart rather than their head. We watch the pages fly freely from a tightly bound book, flowing around the space and dancing in the air until the book gently closes in defeat. The message of there being no set way to create a Patek Philippe watch enhances the brand’s culture and establishes an understanding of the skill required to conceive each timepiece.

Patek Philippe: Devil

In the third of the Patek Philippe series, we explore the theme of Playing with the Devil suggesting that with risks taken, new innovative creations are formed. With Patek Philippe being a family-owned brand this is something we get to experience as we are directed by Raphael Vangelis, through the story of the conception of the watch and it's design. We are taken on a journey of the creation of this watch using an epic scale of macro CG detail to signify how two contrasting creative paths can end up creating something innovative.

Patek Philippe Numeral

Patek Philippe Heart

Patek Philippe Devil

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  • Patek Philippe Numeral

  • Patek Philippe Heart

  • Patek Philippe Devil