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Canon 'Adventure'

About this video


Welcoming and friendly Dom Bridges of Mustard encapsulates summer and the wistfulness of summer gone by with this charming commercial for Dentsu. The well-known international agency makes a mark once again with the help of the Glassworks team. Delightful. 


Glassworks team

  • Flame Lead
    Ruben Llusia
  • Flame
    Warren Gebhardt
  • Flame
    Timo Huber
  • Flame
    Iain Murray
  • Flame Assist
    Nina Mosand
  • Flame Assist
    Hani Abdalla
  • 3D
    Ben Beckett
  • 3D
    Richard Moss
  • 3D
    Matthew Fletcher
  • TK Colourist
    Ben Rogers
  • Producer
    Misha Stanford-Harris
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