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Talk Talk 'Homes Within Homes'

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Another example of charming live action amalgamated with little personified creatures that we can’t help but fall in love with.  It’s epic, connected and charming, giving everyone a forum to affiliate with whatever the medium.  Directed by Adam Berg (Stink) and lovingly crafted with stop frame animation enhanced through painstaking Post Production at Glassworks that took two months to complete. 

 Animating elements of this commercial in 3D allowed for an enhancement of character facial expression as well as details like the cuckoo clock or snow globe.  The dolls face, now charismatic and engaging worked well alongside the detailed snow particles creating the look of real snow. 

 Balancing the 3D was the composition in 2D, cleaning up the shots as well as rig removal along side compositing for the 3D shots to grant them the ability to sit seamlessly within the scenes.  Creating the computer screens for the characters to write on was also done in 2D and over all the combination between 2D and 3D leaves for this charismatic effect.


Glassworks team

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